During healing of the bone marrow after radioactive exposure, the white blood cell count basically regulates itself (depending on the extent of the bone marrow damage, the number of leucoblasts can increase to over a million).

Self-devaluation conflicts are probably the most frequent biological conflicts in humans and animals alike. If the conflict activity is intense and lasts over a long period of time, the individual can die as a result of anemia caused by the loss of bone tissue and bone marrow, where red blood cells are produced.

Typical symptoms of leukemia are fatigue and fever. Also, during the first part of the healing phase, there is a drop of erythrocytes and leukocytes but only in terms of numbers because of the enlargement of the blood vessels (characteristic for the vagotonic phase) and the dilution of blood with blood serum. At the same time, the patient often suffers much pain due to the stretching of the periosteum (skin that covers the bone) at the location where the previous conflict-active bone osteolyses (holes and gaps) are now recalcifying. But both fatigue and pain serve a biological purpose, which is to rest. Because of the stretching of the periosteum, which normally covers the bone tightly, the bone can easily break during this period. Resting significantly lowers the risk of bone fracture.

Fact is that every case of lumbago (pain in the lower back) is accompanied by a small leukemia!

When we become aware of all this, we realize that no one, and particularly no child, needs to die any longer from leukemia. In fact, in German New Medicine we speak of the "good fortune of leukemia" - founded on the understanding that leukemia is a positive sign that the related self-devaluation conflict has been resolved and that the symptoms are always biologically meaningful.

Translated from the original German at: http://neue-medizin.de/html/leukamie.html

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